Molybdenum Photo Etching

Molybdenum, or moly, is a silver-grey metal that can withstand harsh temperatures without softening or expanding. Moly is used in alloys to increase their strength, hardness, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance.

Molybdenum is an extremely difficult to etch refractory material due to its high tensile strength and durability. Here at E-Fab, our molybdenum photochemical etching machines are capable of creating precision half and through etch features and profiles to meet each customer’s exact requirement. For decades, our team of experienced representatives have etched molybdenum as thin as 0.001 of an inch and as thick as 0.030 of an inch.

Our molybdenum etching service has been used in parts for medical devices, rockets, airplanes, and satellites. Molybdenum photochemical etching is common for industries that require a low coefficient of thermal expansion and high elastic moduli such as aerospace, medical, defense, and telecommunications.

Molybdenum photochemical machining is a cost-effective process for intricating designs or features onto the material. Our molybdenum services hold an advantage in the chemical etching process by no burrs or heat-affected zones on the metal. As an experienced photochemical etching company, E-Fab has partnered with medical companies and the defense industry to produce high-quality molybdenum parts and components.

Molybdenum Etching Capabilities
Panel SizeMin. 6” x 6”, max. 12” x 18”
Panel ThicknessMin. 0.001”, max. 0.030”
Hole SizeMin. 0.006” or 125% of material thickness
SpacingMin. same as material thickness
Inside & Outside RadiiInside: Approx. 80% material thickness Outside: Material thickness
Center-center hole distanceDIA + material thickness
Etch Tolerance± 10% material thickness, no less than ±0.001"

Industries and Applications

E-Fab can etch and form molybdenum to fit applications across various different industries and applications. We’re proud to supply parts for the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Electrical machinery
  • Electronics
  • EMI and RF shielding
  • Medical
  • Microwave communications
  • Military and defense
  • Semiconductors
  • Telecommunication

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