Surgical blades and scalpels must be extremely sharp to precisely cut the human tissue effectively. As surgeries become more and more minimally invasive, so does the need for surgical and incision devices to be sharper, smaller, thinner, and more precise. Photochemical etching offers the combination of precision, extremely tight tolerances, complex geometries and shapes, and unique physical features and surface textures, which makes this process highly suitable for manufacturing extremely sharp and precise surgical blades and scalpels.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, E-Fab has been designing and delivering high-precision medical parts, including surgical blades and scalpels, that adhere to some of the most stringent standards and requirements of any industry.


E-Fab offers surgical blade and scalpel photo etching services that deliver custom surgical incision devices for a wide range of medical applications and surgery types, including endoscopic, arthroscopic, orthopedic, and plastic surgeries. Our photo etching expertise allows us manufacture surgical blades and scalpels to customer-specific requirements, including blade and handle type, thickness, shape, finish, material, and use.

We are capable of producing photo etched surgical blades and scalpels with micron-level precision, including physical feature sizes and dimensional tolerances. We can produce ultra-sharp medical incision devices as thin as 0.100 inch with dimensional tolerances of +/-0.001 inch. Our advanced surgical blade and scalpel photo etching technology allows us to create blades of any shape or geometry to best optimize the desired procedure, including traditional, triangular, pointed, crescent, or curved blades.

E-Fab can fabricate razor-sharp edges that do not require additional grinding or sharpening. Photo etching allows us to vary the texture on either side of a device, add identifying marks such as blade or part number, and vary the dimensional thickness of a single device. In this case, we can design surgical blades and scalpels with ultra-precise and sharp blade edges and thicker spines where structural integrity is more important.

The following are just some of the key benefits and advantages of our surgical blade and scalpel photo etching capabilities:

  • Ultra-precise and sharp blade edges
  • Extremely tight dimensional tolerances
  • Very thin material and devices
  • Produces burr-free and stress-free parts that do not require post processing
  • Complex geometries and shapes
  • Unique physical and surface features
  • Superior level of repeatability and scalability
  • Ultimate consistency with reduced production time and costs


E-Fab works with only the highest quality materials to custom manufacture precise surgical blades and scalpels. While steel is overwhelmingly used to fabricate medical incision devices, other metal alloys and materials are used depending on the procedure, patient, and other determining medical factors. For example, steel surgical blades cannot be used when performing MRI-guided procedures. In this case, precision ceramic surgical blades are required.

We have experience manufacturing photochemical etched surgical blades and scalpels from the following materials:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Titanium
  • Nitinol or Nickel Titanium

Using our precision surgical blade and scalpel photo etching technology and processes, E-Fab can assist you with detailing and delivering custom surgical blades and scalpels. You have the design flexibility to customize almost every aspect of your medical incision device, including the following:

  • Blade material
  • Edge, spine, and slot
  • Blade shape and size
  • Blade thickness
  • Blade coating


E-Fab has almost 40 years of experience in manufacturing precision carriers that meet some of the strictest specifications and standards. Our manufacturing process maintains ISO 9001:2015 certification, which displays our commitment to strict quality control standards. From consultation to design and fabrication to delivery, our highly skilled and experienced team will guide you throughout the project and deliver high-quality carriers to your exact requirements.

Contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you to assist you with your next custom surgical blade or scalpel project.