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Photo Etched Filters

E-Fab custom photo etches high-performance filter solutions for a wide variety of demanding applications and industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, and more. Unlike filters made from traditional stamping processes, our photo etched filters are made from a solid piece of thin metal sheet. Our photo-etched filters are burr-free and stress-free with zero material or structural degradation. The end result is a slimmer, cleaner, and more efficient and robust filter that is not prone to degradation or unraveling.

Why Choose E-Fab for Your Filters?

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, E-Fab photo etched custom filters and filter supports for a wide range of applications, including metal-mesh optical filters, medical implants, fuel filters, air intake and supply filters, hydraulic valve screens, laser light filters, extruding screens, and more. Photochemical etching offers unlimited design flexibility and complexity to custom fabricate mesh filters to the exact specifications and requirements, including material and web thickness, pattern and spacing, and hole size and shape, including square, hexagonal, round, and conical.

This process also affords a number of design and process advantages. We can photo etch custom filters that have special features, various opening sizes, and degrees of transmission that can be controlled with micron precision. Because photochemical etching removes metal simultaneously, we have the flexibility to provide design solutions that cannot be achieved using other manufacturing methods. For example, we can solve transmission issues, incorporate multiple aperture geometries, vary bar sizes, and provide far greater open areas to control flow rates and characteristics. Also, our photochemical etched filters feature consistent cross-sectional thickness and accuracy of hole shapes and sizes. When fabricating larger or wider filters, additional webbing can be designed into the filter to give extra strength and support. Finally, tooling for photo etching can be manipulated on screen, which drastically reduces lead time and production costs.

The following are some of the key advantages and benefits of E-Fab’s photoetched filters.

  • Fix photo-etched openings that feature tighter hole-size tolerances and accuracy, in which the integrity of the pore size will not change regardless of use and flow characteristics
  • Burr-free and stress-free filters that offer excellent mechanical strength and greater dimensional stability and material integrity
  • Precise hole geometry (small as .003 inches) to the micron level
  • Specify different hole shapes, including cylindrical (straight) and conical (tapered)
  • Multiple aperture shapes can be incorporated to control flow rates and achieve unique flow characteristics for specific applications
  • Design flexibility to achieve unlimited complexity in patterns and shapes
  • Low-cost tooling and design iterations that allow for design changes to be made quickly
  • Meticulous detail to surface finishes that are completely scratch and blemish-free
  • Filters can be etched from almost any material, including thermal interface metals

Applications and Industries

E-Fab provides high-performing filters for a wide variety of industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, electronic, automotive, aerospace, energy, military, semiconductor, and more. Our precision photochemical etching capabilities allow us to produce fine line screens and filters to be used as:

  • Medical implants
  • Medical reconstructive surgery mesh
  • Extrusion screen for fiber and plastic
  • Speaker grilles
  • Oil control valves
  • Air intake and supply grilles
  • Water filtration
  • Carriers and supports
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Semiconductors
  • Sorting and sieving
  • Protective barrier filter
  • Optical filters
  • Laser light filters
  • Fuel filters

E-Fab’s Commitment to Service

We have the resources and capabilities to take on challenging projects. Our engineering team doesn’t stop until the parts and services meet your specifications and perform as expected.

Our experience and ability to think creatively, have made E-Fab a trusted partner to our customers and leading custom copper busbar supplier. Contact us today to request a quote for your project.