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Accuracy and durability are the hallmarks of well-designed and manufactured parts produced by precision metal forming. E-Fab’s expert forming capability starts with CAD modeling by our engineering team. From there, our manufacturing floor, where engineers take machine code to form precise metal parts to exacting standards and specifications.

E-Fab’s Precision Forming Processes and Techniques

Our manufacturing experts perform a wide range of precision forming techniques and processes, delivering accurate and reliable parts. We send each piece through careful finishing and an exacting Quality Assurance process before delivery.


Heat Treating


Press Forming







Forming Expertise at E-Fab

We are experts at forming the exact part from metal materials that work with existing components or detailed design specifications.

DimplingA proprietary forming process developed at E-Fab used to ensure electrical contact is available on the part surface
RFI & EMI ShieldingManufacture of materials into precise shields for use in highly sensitive applications
Waveguide FormingUsed in complex seamless structures to direct and control electromagnetic energy
Angle FormingFor times when maximum alloy strength is required for a part
Industries ServedAerospace, Military, Defense, Energy, Fuel Cells, Medical, Microwave, Semiconductor, Telecommunications, Colleges, Secondary Schools, Federal Agencies, State Government, Agriculture, Automotive/Transportation/Mobility, Electronics, Instrumentation & Control Systems, Manufacturing, Technology
Materials UsedCopper, Beryllium Copper, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Nickel, Nickel Silver, Nickel Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Spring Steels, Aluminum, Kovar, and other common and exotic materials

A TPC Company

E-Fab is a proud member of The Partner Companies group of specialty manufacturers. Our network shares experience, materials, capabilities, and expertise to serve the defense, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, semiconductor, and renewable energy industries.


If you need a capability that we do not offer at E-Fab, please let us know, and we will connect you with a TPC company that can help.