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Chemical Etching with Tungsten

Tungsten is a refractory metal with the highest melting point of 3422°C among all other known elements, which makes it suitable for applications that operate in extremely high temperatures.

In addition to its exceptional melting point, its high tensile strength and high density make tungsten an ideal material for various applications, such as manufacturing surgical tools, electron guns, X-ray tubes, and radiation shields. Tungsten’s unique properties ensure reliable performance and durability for the devices manufactured using the metal.

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Tungsten is a refractory metal with an incredibly high melting point (3422°C) among all other known elements, which makes it ideal for applications in extremely high temperatures.

Etching many grades of tungsten, including high-purity, copper-tungsten, tungsten-rhenium, thoriated rhenium, and AKS-grade

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Tungsten Etching Capabilities

Panel SizeMin. 4"x6", max. 14"x20"
Panel ThicknessMin. 0.001”, max 0.040”
Hole SizeMin. 0.005” or 1.2x of material thickness
SpacingMin. same as material thickness
Inside & Outside RadiiMin. same as material thickness
Center-center hole distanceRefer to hole size and minimum spacing requirements
Etch Toleranceminimum of ± .0005”; increase minimum based on material thickness and feature type

Why Choose

High melting point
Radiation shielding
Chemical stability
Hardness and durability
Choosing tungsten for manufacturing offers a compelling array of advantages. Its exceptional hardness, high melting point, and corrosion resistance make it ideal for creating durable tools and components that withstand harsh conditions.

E-Fab manufacturers are experts at etching and forming tungsten to precise standards and specifications.

Customers select tungsten for surgical tools, electron guns, X-ray tubes, and radiation shields. E-Fab delivers precision titanium parts for aerospace, semiconductor, and microelectronics companies.

E-Fab is an industry leader in delivering innovative, accurate, and reliable parts thanks to decades of experience and expertise in a suite of processes.

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