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Micro Bumps

Micro bumps are formed protrusions on a metal part. They can also be called micro divots, cavities, depressions, or precision dimples. E-Fab uses a unique combination of photochemical machining, or etching, and forming to create custom parts to precise specifications. A single micro bump can be manufactured on distinct circuit traces and pads to provide electrically isolated points, or bumps can be formed along a trace giving an exact contact point location.

Micro bumps can be heat treated to provide hardened contact points or gold plated to create longer-lasting contact points. Applicable applications for these thin metal micro bump and micro dimple parts are infinite.

Applications and Industries

E-Fab produces precision formed micro bumps for applications including:

  • Miniature switch contacts
  • IC test socket contacts
  • Formed spring contacts
  • Electrically isolated test pins
  • Can act as pogo pins


E-Fab’s contact point assemblies have been used to replace pogo pins in test sockets. Much like pogo pin probes and socket assemblies with spring action and individually isolated electrical contact points, E-Fab’s micro bumps have been used as electrically isolated contact points with built-in spring action. The point assemblies are engineered to each customer’s specifications and have etched break-off tabs built into the assemblies. Once installed into their matching test sockets, the metal tabs are easily removed at the etch lines, providing separate electrical isolation for each contact leg for testing.

These parts are ideal for industries including military and defense, electronics, commercial, medical, aerospace, and communications. We customize and manufacture micro bumps from the following materials:

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • And many other more

Learn more about the materials E-Fab uses to manufacture parts.

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