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Semiconductor Photo Etching

Photochemical etching is commonly used to create semiconductors and semiconductor components. One of the big advantages of chemical etching semiconductor parts is that the metal properties remain unaltered and the material surface is unblemished. Photochemical etching selectively removes specific areas in the metal to produce the desired shape, thickness, and intricate designs and complex geometries. Also, this process produces completely uniform parts that are burr-free so there are no uneven edges or other imperfections. Other machining processes can alter the metal properties with heat, mechanical stress, or hard tooling during production. This is very important, because the dimensions of semiconductor parts and components greatly impact the performance, speed, error rate, and time of failure of these parts.

E-Fab has the ability to deliver precision semiconductor photo etching services that produce intricate and complex parts and components that achieve ultra-precise dimensional and structural tolerances and high conductivity for long service life and improved yields.

Why Choose E-Fab for Your Semiconductor Parts?

Semiconductor OEMs rely on E-Fab to help them solve complex design, machining, and part assembly needs from pototype to completion. We can meet the demand for precise, complex, and feature-rich metal semiconductor parts and components with the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability which is of vital importance due to the critical nature of semiconductor applications. Our semiconductor photo etching capabilities allow us to fabricate high-precision metal parts that are complex and multi-layered.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, E-Fab offers a unique combination of advanced technology, proven production processes, engineering expertise, and value-added secondary services allowing us to provide innovative solutions to complex jobs and unique design challenges for semiconductor parts and components. Our knowledgeable engineers will work with you to help you realize your semiconductor part or component, no matter the complexity. Because chemical etching does not increase as part complexity increases, our engineers can focus on optimizing part functionality and achieving high repeatability, uniformity, and consistent production quality.

E-Fab’s precision photochemical etching capabilities offers the following key advantages for delivering semiconductor parts and components:

  • Burr-free and stress-free semiconductor parts with meticulous surface finishes.
  • Hold tight, low tolerances for small to miniature feature sizes with a high level of consistency and repeatability.
  • Achieve intricate shapes, complex geometries, and 3D feature profiles that are impossible with other machining processes.
  • Photochemical parts can be produced at high volumes with exacting uniformity, which reduces time to market and saves on production costs.
  • Allows us to work with a wide range of metal substrates that would either be too conductive, fragile, or hard to form or work with using other machining methods.
  • Allows for unparallel repeatability and scalability of uniform etching of almost any metal substrate or materials used in manufacturing semiconductor parts and components.

Semiconductor Parts and Materials

E-Fab has almost 40 years of experience fabricating a wide variety of semiconductor parts, such as contacts, maps, splits, apertures, clips, springs, connectors, EMI/RFI shielding, and much more. We can produce nearly any size feature so long as it is not smaller than the material thickness. For example, we can produce precision micro bumps as small as 0.004″ ±0.001″ in diameter with a max. height of 0.001″ ±0.0005″. We can achieve these minimum constraints on materials, such as copper and brass alloys, SST and others, less than 0.005″ thick.

We can design, prototype, and produce a custom photo-etched carrier from the following materials:

  • Copper
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • Beryllium Copper

Our semiconductors are used in a wide range of applications and industries, including electronics, aerospace, medical, military and defense, computers, energy, communication, and more.

*E-Fab can source these materials if needed for an application.

E-Fab’s Commitment to Service

We have the resources and capabilities to take on challenging projects. Our engineering team doesn’t stop until the parts and services meet your specifications and perform as expected.

Our experience and ability to think creatively, have made E-Fab a trusted partner to our customers and leading custom copper busbar supplier. Contact us today to request a quote for your project.