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Working with High Frequency Laminates

High-Frequency Laminates are the backbone of many of the technology’s most essential components, from printed circuit boards to antennas to polarizers. E-Fab’s experience working with this important material dates back to the company’s earliest days, helping many of Silicon Valley’s up-and-coming tech companies grow.

E-Fab’s engineers and manufacturers have years of experience with the material and understand how to maximize the benefits of high-frequency laminates. 

We welcome your questions about working high-frequency laminates. 

Types of High Frequency Laminates We Use

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Microwave & RF LaminatesCuClad — Used in airborne and ground-based RADAR systems, Dedicated Short Range Communications in automobiles, base station antennas, low noise amplifiers, and more

IsoClad — Used in airborne and ground-based RADAR systems, conformal antennas for defense electronics, multi-helical antennas for satellites, and more

DiClad — Used in airborne and ground-based RADAR systems, antennas for commercial communication systems, lumped element filter designs, and next-gen communications systems.

RO3000 — Used in automotive radar applications, cellular telecommunications systems, direct broadcast satellites, E-band point-to-point microwave links, and more

RT/Duroid — Used in airborne and ground-based RADAR systems, military radar systems, millimeter wave applications, missile guidance systems, and space satellite transceivers.

Taconic TLY — Used in antennas in millimeter wave frequencies and automotive radar equipment.
High-Performance Flex & Rigid Flex LaminatesPanasonic Felios — superior thermal resistance, dimensional stability, and quality in a wide range of film and copper foil thicknesses

Dupont Pyralux LF — features high bond strength and thermal resistance, is halogen-free, and can withstand multiple lamination cycles without degradation.

Dupont Pyralux AP — features high reliability in flex and multilayer flex circuitry
High-Performance LaminatesIsola FR406 — Used in aerospace, automotive, down-well drilling, high-speed computing, military, telecommunications, and network infrastructure applications

Isola 370HR — Used in aerospace, automotive, down-well drilling, high-speed computing, military, telecommunications, and network infrastructure applications

Why Choose High Frequency Laminates

High-Frequency Laminates offer stability, strength, and reliability in technically sensitive applications due to the material’s stable dissipation factor (Df) and the ability to allow less loss at higher frequencies on circuit boards.

E-Fab manufacturers are experts at etching and forming high frequency laminates to precise standards and specifications.

We’ve produced polarizers, power dividers, antennas, circuits, and Archimedean and Logarithmic spirals used by clients in the telecommunications, electronics, semiconductor, and microwave industries.

E-Fab is an industry leader in delivering innovative, accurate, and reliable parts thanks to decades of experience and expertise in a suite of processes.

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