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RFI and EMI Shielding

With industry-leading expertise in precision metal parts, the team at E-Fab understands the significant impact unwanted electromagnetic signals can have on electronic components and devices.

As experts in RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Shielding, we can help mitigate the impact of RFI and EMI to safeguard critical systems, enhance signal integrity, and maintain overall functionality. 

A cornerstone of modern manufacturing, our advanced shielding technology enables cutting-edge applications in defense systems, precise medical devices, efficient renewable energy solutions, and high-performance semiconductor components.

E-Fab’s RFI and EMI Shielding Processes and Advantages

Electromagnetic Interference Reduction

Effectively improve the performance and reliability of your electronic devices with shielding designed to reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference significantly.

Signal Integrity Preservation

Maintain the integrity of signals and data transmission and reduce errors and signal degradation with shielding that minimizes external electromagnetic disturbances.

Protection Against Security Risks

Prevent electromagnetic signals from being intercepted or manipulated with specialized shielding that enhances the security and confidentiality of sensitive electronic systems.

Increased Product Lifespan

Enhance the longevity of your electronic devices with effective shielding measures. By protecting them from the adverse effects of electromagnetic interference, you’ll reduce the risk of premature failure.

E-Fab’s RFI and EMI Shielding Processes and Advantages

With deep knowledge of Electromagnetic Theory, we understand the complexities of electromagnetic fields, wave propagation, interference mechanisms, and the behavior of electromagnetic waves in different materials and environments.

Our experience and expertise in RFI and EMI shielding span a wide range of specialized industries, applying proven techniques to industries and applications, such as aerospace, telecommunications, medical devices, automotive, or military, where electromagnetic compatibility is critical.

We test and validate everything we do to ensure the performance and effectiveness of custom shielding solutions. This includes using specialized equipment and techniques to measure shielding effectiveness, signal integrity, and electromagnetic radiation levels.

We are:

Shielding Materials Experts: We deeply understand various shielding materials, their properties, and their effectiveness in attenuating or reflecting electromagnetic waves. This includes conductive metals, metal alloys, conductive coatings, and composite materials.

Designers and Engineers: Our extensive design solutions include shielding enclosures, components, and structures that provide effective electromagnetic shielding. Our design process considers essential aspects such as enclosure geometry, material selection, gasketing, grounding, and filtering techniques.

Compliant: We understand the relevant industry standards and regulations for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and ensure our shielding solutions comply.