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E-Fab is known for its experience, expertise, and experimentation. Our team of engineers, manufacturers, and quality assurance specialists stands ready to deliver precision parts that are durable, reliable, and accurate.

E-Fab’s capabilities provide our clients in the technology, aerospace, communications, defense, and medical industries with precision metal components used in dozens of applications.

Our mission is to deliver engineering and manufacturing solutions to power our customers’ businesses.

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Partnering with leading-edge innovators who need to solve critical challenges is where E-Fab’s engineers and material experts shine. Together, we take our customer’s designs from concept to prototype to manufacturing while delivering precision components efficiently and effectively.


E-Fab’s expert engineering team analyzes customer designs to offer advice on materials and manufacturing processes. At the same time, we’re willing to push engineering and manufacturing boundaries to deliver parts that other manufacturers won’t even try. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with clients to ensure every part is built to specification and performs as needed.


Precision, customization, fast turnaround, and cost efficiency are some benefits of photochemical etching. E-Fab has a long history of delivering precision thin metal parts used in aerospace, defense, telecommunications, green energy, and medical industries.


The E-Fab manufacturing crew are experts at processing high-frequency laminates from start to finish, carefully drilling, etching, bonding, electroplating, and machining. Additionally, we copper plate through holes, apply solder mask and solder paste, and offer laminate singulation. 


Decades of experience enable E-Fab’s manufacturing experts to apply accurate and precise plating and finishing techniques to thin metal parts. We specialize in processes that ensure every part is reliable, durable, and resistant to threats that weaken metal parts.


E-Fab produces durable, strong, and reliable mission-critical components by bonding precision-processed thin metal pieces. We use a hydraulic heat press to create a permanent bond that increases electrical insulation, mechanical strength, and power distribution.


There’s an art to turning processed metal parts into working components, and E-Fab’s manufacturing experts have decades of experience forming parts used in critical applications. Our forming capabilities include coining, bottom bend punching, and dimpling.


We deliver parts for use in highly sensitive applications where failure is not an option, so we analyze the parts coming off our manufacturing floor to ensure precision and perfection. E-Fab’s QA specialists utilize OGP SmartScope Flash technology for multi-sensor dimensional measurements through a Zoom 12:1 AccuCentric Zoom Lens.

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