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Quality Assurance

E-Fab’s top commitment is to deliver precision metal parts ready to use in mission-critical applications. Our team of Quality Assurance professionals analyzes the parts we send out to ensure each meets technical specifications and precise requirements. 

We utilize the latest technology to check parts down to the micron, including an OGP® SmartScope with a 12:1 AccuCentric Zoom Lens, Keyence optical measurement system, and advanced software for detailed inspection.

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Why Quality Assurance is Important

E-Fab boasts a 40-plus-year reputation for accurate, reliable, and durable parts. Our position as an industry leader starts with our dedication to quality assurance and ensuring every product is ready for use.


Our Quality Assurance team has more than 100 combined years of experience analyzing and refining parts used in mission-critical applications, instilling trust in our process.

Quicker Implementation

Because every part is ready when it gets to our customers, they can move into production on their side faster with confidence.

Lower Costs

Careful analysis and inspection mean fewer returns, better results, and quicker turnaround times.

Faster Prototyping

Early investigations into the strengths and weaknesses of parts mean that we can bring ideas to reality faster and more efficiently.

A TPC Company

E-Fab is a proud member of The Partner Companies group of specialty manufacturers. Our network shares experience, materials, capabilities, and expertise to serve the defense, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, semiconductor, and renewable energy industries.


If you need a capability that we do not offer at E-Fab, please let us know, and we will connect you with a TPC company that can help.

Our Certifications

ISO Logo
ISO 9001:2015