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Microwave and RF Circuits

Modern wireless communications rely on high-performance, high-frequency microwave and RF circuits. These circuits are used for communication signals in any communication device or application that requires receiving and transmitting radio signals. Microwave and RF printed circuit boards (PCBs) are designed and fabricated to carry out different microwave signal processing functions, such as generating, modulating, controlling, and amplifying signals.

RF and microwave signals are one frequency, or a band of frequencies, imposed on a very high frequency carrier. Microwave and RF circuits are used to translate and convert these frequencies. They operate on high-frequency waves and pass signals within a certain band while filtering out anything outside of this frequency range.

Microwave circuit systems are made up of many precision RF microwave etch components, and they combine a variety of digital and mixed-signal technologies and material substrates. While microwave and RF PCBs have major differences between standard digital and analog circuits, the main difference is the radio frequency in which they operate. Microwave circuit systems are any RF circuit board operating above 2 GHz.

Why Choose E-Fab for Your Microwave and RF Circuits?

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, E-Fab Inc. has the expertise, fabrication techniques, and specialty equipment to design and manufacture complex microwave and RF PCBs. Our photochemical machining (PCM) capabilities allow us to fabricate high-frequency PCM microwave circuits that minimize the risk of failures, signal disruptions, and other intrusions. Because radio and microwave signals are very noise sensitive, we can design efficient microwave and RF PCBs with much tighter impedance tolerances. While a typical final tolerance impedance is +/- 10 percent, we will work with you to meet your specific impedance control requirements. Our precision PCM techniques allow us to maintain high quality plated thru-holes (either half or full holes) and other design solutions for your unique RF microwave etch components and PCM microwave circuit systems.

We also offer secondary services that benefit the RF microwave etch components and PCM microwave circuits. For example, we offer precision forming to create accurate design shapes and complex geometries with extremely tight tolerances. Our dielectric coating capabilities allow us to precisely apply interference coatings to provide the necessary shielding for your microwave and RF PCBs. Finally, our heat pressure bonding services allow us to create and laminate microwave PCBs to increase their performance by enhancing their mechanical strength, design possibilities, and flexibility.

What is a Busbar?

E-Fab can meet the demand for smaller and more complex microwave circuit systems to help push the limits of electronics and meet the demand of immerging and new technologies. We design and manufacture these high‑frequency circuits for various industries. More importantly, we understand that within each industry, there are countless applications and design requirements.

We fabricate PCM microwave circuits for industries, including military and defenseaerospacemedicalelectronics, automotive, industrial, and communications. Common applications include:

  • Wireless phones
  • Radars and radar signals
  • Satellite communication
  • Navigation devices
  • Medical devices
  • Robotics
  • Sensors
  • Consumer electronics
  • High-power electronics

We understand that choosing the right material is a critical decision when designing and manufacturing your microwave and RF circuits. The substrate material affects the performance, cost, and manufacturability of the PCB itself.  To meet your specific engineering requirements and applications, we manufacture microwave and RF circuits from the following materials:

  • High-Frequency Laminates
    • Rogers Advanced Materials: RO3000 Series and RO4000 Series
    • Arlon (Purchased by Rogers): AD Series
    • Taconics: TLY-5 and TLC

E-Fab’s Commitment to Service

We have the resources and capabilities to take on challenging projects. Our engineering team doesn’t stop until the parts and services meet your specifications and perform as expected.

Our experience and ability to think creatively, have made E-Fab a trusted partner to our customers and leading custom copper busbar supplier. Contact us today to request a quote for your project.