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Plating & Finishing

Finishing is the final step in our manufacturing process, ensuring that every part coming out of E-Fab is ready for use in mission-critical applications. Our team is experts in accurately applying plating and finishing processes to parts that ensure reliability, durability, and precision. 

Our customers come to us for parts for use in highly-sensitive applications in the aerospace, defense, automotive, telecommunications, and energy industries.

E-Fab’s Plating &
Finishing Expertise

We have decades of experience applying an array of plating and finishing processes for parts used by industry leaders. 

We provide these services:

Bead Blasting
Black Chrome
Black Oxide Coating
Black Zinc
Chemical Film Coating
Copper Plating
Gold Plating
NADCAP Plating
Nickel Plating
Silver Plating
Tin Plating
Powder Coating

A TPC Company

E-Fab is a proud member of The Partner Companies group of specialty manufacturers. Our network shares experience, materials, capabilities, and expertise to serve the defense, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, semiconductor, and renewable energy industries.


If you need a capability that we do not offer at E-Fab, please let us know, and we will connect you with a TPC company that can help.