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Cutting-edge solutions for the Defense industry

In the high-stakes world of defense, precision is everything. 

As a trusted high-precision machining services company with over 40 years of experience, the team at E-FAB harnesses the power of precision to deliver specialized services and integrate metal components crucial for a wide variety of defense applications.

Our engineers, manufacturers, and quality assurance specialists turn ideas into precision defense parts through collaboration, full engineering services, and expert machining processes.

We are also proud to be ITAR compliant and registered, adhering to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations to ensure the utmost security and regulatory adherence in all our operations.


the highest level of protection through precision

Specializing in advanced photochemical etching techniques, E-FAB leads the way in manufacturing precise, custom metal components essential for developing military hardware and defense systems.

With an unwavering commitment to innovation and precision, we specialize in components with complex designs and tight tolerances. We can deliver high-quality, burr-free, and smooth surfaces, crucial for components used in sensitive defense equipment, communication devices, and surveillance systems.

Our Defense Capabilities

E-FAB is helping advance defense technology by delivering a wide range of precision metal components designed for specialized defense applications.

With over 40 years of experience, we’re the trusted team for critical components for defense equipment such as sensors, connectors, electronic enclosures, and specialized parts for military vehicles and weapons systems.

We’re AS9100:2015 certified, ensuring that all components adhere to stringent quality control and compliance standards.

Our commitment to ITAR compliance further solidifies our role as a reliable and secure partner in the defense industry.

E-FAB offers precision metal components designed specifically for defense applications that include, but are not limited to:

EMI/RFI Shielding and Defense Sensor Elements: Custom-fabricated electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference shielding components are essential in protecting sensitive defense sensors and electronic systems.


Apertures, Optical Parts, and High-Precision Screens: Precision-engineered optical components, including apertures and screens, crucial for surveillance, targeting, and reconnaissance systems in secure military operations.


Battery Springs and Electrical Contacts: Custom-made battery springs and electrical contacts ensure reliable power supply and connectivity in various defense applications, including customized defense parts.


Connectors and Interconnects for Defense Systems: High-precision connectors and interconnects integral to maintaining robust electronic linkages in intricate defense systems and communication devices.

Waveguides and Antenna Components: Tailored waveguides and antenna parts for advanced communication and electronic warfare systems, contributing to precise components for defense sensors.


Enclosures, and Miniaturized Parts for Military Technology: Custom fabricated enclosures for electronic systems, alongside specialized miniaturized components suited for advanced military technology and instrumentation.


Cooling Fins, Heat Sinks, and Shielding Cans: Components designed for thermal management and electromagnetic shielding in dense electronic assemblies, vital for maintaining the operational integrity of defense equipment.


Grounding Straps and Switch Components: Customized grounding straps and high-reliability switch components for various military control and interface applications, emphasizing the precision and customization of defense parts.

The E-FAB Difference

Complex Geometries: Our advanced photochemical etching techniques allow for the creation of intricate and complex three-dimensional shapes, often needed for specialized defense components and parts.


Microfabrication: We can produce microscale and miniature components vital for advanced defense technologies, including miniaturized sensors and communication devices.


Rapid Prototyping: Our rapid prototyping capabilities enable defense contractors to iterate and quickly test new military hardware and systems designs.


Cost-Effective Production: We help defense manufacturers achieve cost efficiencies through the cost-effective medium to high-volume production of precision components.


Quality Control: Our team of Quality Assurance professionals analyzes every part we send out to ensure each meets technical specifications and precise requirements. 

Security and Confidentiality: Upholding our ITAR compliance, we prioritize security and confidentiality to protect sensitive defense-related designs and data.

Customized Components Driving Defense Technology Forward

What makes E-FAB the premier choice for the defense industry? Our proven track record of providing customized, high-precision components tailored to the unique requirements of this high-risk industry.


With a focus on innovation and collaboration, we work closely with aerospace clients throughout the project lifecycle and continually invest in state-of-the-art technology, including direct imaging printers, to provide accuracy and precision that can be relied on for even the most extreme applications.


Boasting unrivaled experience in working with a wide range of materials, including high-strength alloys, exotic metals, and materials with specific properties required for defense applications, we ensure the durability and performance of our components in even the most challenging environments.

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As specialists in precision components for a wide range of defense applications, the team at E-FAB can deliver the highest quality and reliability for your defense project.


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