The History of E-Fab

Established in 1982 by Jerry Banks and Bill Scales, E-Fab began as a plating shop and quickly evolved into an etching company. The shift in focus came about from our dedication to working with customers one-on-one to deliver solutions that meet their exact needs. From the company’s founding to the current day, this commitment to superior customer service has served as a core tenet of our company.

Company Timeline

1982 – Fluke Electronics—one of our very first customers and a loyal partner to this day—requested a custom part. Eager to provide the best, we purchased an etching tank and began learning more about the technique.

1990s – AT&T made up approximately 45 to 50 percent of our business. We produced small copper rings—plated with tin and coated with epoxy—for use in their pole transformers. Our other primary source of work during this time came from the printed circuit board industry, for which we manufactured heat sinks and lead frames for heat management in large PCBs.

Early 2000s – Having stretched our capabilities for our earliest customers, we continued to use our expertise for the benefit of each and every one of our new clients. Forming was added in-house. Qorvo—known at the time as RFMD—also began creating a new process for forming and micro bumps.

2019 – With us from the very beginning, co-founder Jerry retired and passed the torch to etching expert Prathima Kapa. E-Fab is still going strong and is now part of an affiliate network of expert manufacturers across the United States. We are continuing to expand and grow to accommodate customers better. Currently, we are in the process of expanding our facility into the building next door, more than doubling our existing manufacturing space.

2021 – John Nguyen joins the E-Fab team as General Manager. Bringing with him extensive experience in strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, and creating efficiencies.

Certifications and Awards

Since our founding, we’ve experienced significant growth in the company, as evidenced by the events listed above. However, our commitment to our customers has always remained the same, a quality supported by the maintenance of several certifications and commended by a number of awards throughout the years:

2002 and 2003 – We were named Preferred Supplier and Supplier of the Year by L-3.
2008 – We became ITAR registered.
2012 – We received our ISO 9001 certification.
2016 – We received the Above and Beyond Crystal Award from L-3.


Why Choose E-Fab?

At E-Fab, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Equipped with a wide range of precision manufacturing capabilities—including photochemical fabrication and photoetching—we produce thin metal and flex circuit products for customers across a diverse set of industries around the world. Made in the USA.

Some of the industries we serve with our products and services include aerospace, defense, medical, aviation, electronics, laser technology, semiconductor, automotive, pharma/biotechnology, and renewable energy. We also work with other high-tech original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on the cutting edge of new products and designs.

By partnering with us for their precision thin metal and flex circuit needs, our customers benefit from our:

  • Design/engineering assistance (including optimizing for quality, manufacturability, and cost)
  • Broad manufacturing capabilities (ranging from photochemical etching to finishing)
  • Commitment to customer service (including signed nondisclosure agreements for proprietary ideas and products)

If you need a manufacturing partner committed to providing superior personalized service, contact us today.