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Chemical Etching with Titanium

E-Fab specializes in the photochemical etching of titanium, delivering critical parts for industries such as aerospace, medical, defense, and renewable energy.

Titanium earns its reputation as a substantial metal due to its exceptional blend of properties. It boasts a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, making it indispensable for aerospace and defense components. Its lightness enhances fuel efficiency and maneuverability, while its strength supports higher payload capacity.

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Types of Titanium used at E-Fab

Titanium is known for its impermeable properties, making it one of E-Fab’s most sought-after metals. When exposed to air or oxygen, titanium develops a protective layer of titanium dioxide on its surface, increasing its corrosion resistance. We etch all grades of titanium including CP Grade 1, CP Grade 2, CP Grade 3, CP Grade 4, CP Grade 5 and Grade 6A-3.


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Titanium Etching Capabilities

Panel SizeMin. 4"x6", max. 12"x18"
Panel ThicknessMin. 0.001”, max 0.040”
Hole SizeMin. 0.005” or 1.2x of material thickness
SpacingMin. same as material thickness
Inside & Outside RadiiMin. same as material thickness
Center-center hole distanceRefer to hole size and minimum spacing requirements
Etch Toleranceminimum of ± .0005”; increase minimum based on material thickness and feature type

Why Choose

Strength-to-weight ratio
Resistance to wear and corrosion
Titanium’s non-toxic nature and compatibility with the human body make it an ideal material for medical use. It doesn’t provoke adverse reactions when in contact with bodily fluids, reducing the risk of rejection. This quality is especially valuable for medical implants, facilitating successful integration with surrounding tissues.

E-Fab manufacturers are experts at etching and forming titanium to precise standards and specifications.

Engineers and manufacturers in the medical, renewable energy, aerospace, and defense industries rely on titanium for parts such as medical implants, bipolar plates, meshes, plate heat exchangers, and more.

E-Fab is an industry leader in delivering innovative, accurate, and reliable parts thanks to decades of experience and expertise in a suite of processes.

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