Aluminum is one of the top choices for commercial and industrial parts, components, and products. This lightweight metal is strong, reliable, and versatile. It also comes in multiple grades that offer corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and may be anodized when required.

E-Fab offers machining, etching, and forming services for thin metal pieces. We can handle small and large production runs of customized metal designs with a wide variety of aluminum grades.

Types of Aluminum Alloys

E-Fab has the tools and experience to work with many of the aluminum alloys. Custom orders may be placed with different thicknesses and metal alloy choices. Some of the most common types of aluminum varieties we work with include:

  • Aluminum 6061: This has good toughness and a high degree of strength, which makes it a popular choice for mechanical and industrial applications. Aluminum 6061 also resists corrosion and can be used in extreme environments. Other favorable attributes of Aluminum 6061 include its easy workability, weldability, and anodization.
  • Aluminum 2024: This metal, along with other 2000 series aluminum, is strong and highly resistant to fatigue. However, the metal can corrode and be damaged by thermal shock. These attributes can make the metal challenging to use in dynamic circumstances with exposure to water or electricity, but it remains a popular metal for military and aerospace applications.

We also regularly work with aluminum 1100, aluminum 1145, aluminum 1235, aluminum 3003, aluminum 5052, aluminum 6063, and aluminum 7075.

E-Fab can etch and form aluminum to fit a wide variety of applications across many industries. Some of the most common applications of aluminum include RF shielding, aluminum circuits, and flex circuit boards for commercial and military applications.

Our aluminum photochemical etching capabilities include:

Aluminum Etching Capabilities
Panel SizeMin. 6” x 6”, max. 12” x 18”
Panel ThicknessMin. 0.001”, max. 0.030”
Hole SizeMin. 0.006” or 125% of material thickness
SpacingMin. same as material thickness
Inside & Outside RadiiInside: Approx. 80% material thickness Outside: Material thickness
Center-center hole distanceDIA + material thickness
Etch Tolerance± 20% material thickness, no less than ±0.001"

Industries and Applications

E-Fab can etch and form aluminum to fit applications across many industries. Some of the most common applications include RF shielding, aluminum circuits, and flex circuit boards for commercial and military applications. We’re proud to supply parts for the following industries:

Benefits of Working with Aluminum

There are multiple benefits to working with aluminum, such as:

  • Affordability. Aluminum is one of the most popular metals for industrial and mechanical parts because the material is readily available and cost-effective.
  • Versatility. As a relatively soft metal, it can hold intricate designs or form complex parts with little risk of variation or error. Aluminum can be worked safely using many different forming and machining methods.
  • Durability. Different grades of aluminum have varying degrees of resistance to wear and fatigue. Most popular grades feature superior corrosion resistance, offering long-lasting performance in exterior or harsh environments.
  • Lightweight. Parts constructed from aluminum can be transported at lower costs and be incorporated into machinery or infrastructure without overloading its weight thresholds.

E-Fab can easily etch and machine work aluminum sheets into parts and products. We offer tolerances of 20% of the total material thickness. With our high-quality finishing services, every piece will be deburred and ready for immediate use.

Contact E-Fab Today to Learn More About Our Aluminum Photochemical Etching Capabilities

E-Fab is an industry leader in precision photochemical machining, or etching, for aluminum and metal alloy parts. Our aluminum etching services are not limited to aluminum and we would be happy to discuss other alloys and metal material options for your project.

Our company has over 35 years of experience producing high-quality metal parts. We’re proud to have an ISO 9001:2015-compliant facility with strict quality management standards. Our metalworking and manufacturing processes for thin metal parts include:

  • Deburring
  • Photochemical machining (PCM), or Etching
  • Micromachining processes
  • Prototype and mass production runs
  • Tooling and tooling modification
  • Forming
  • Plating

We also provide manufacturing, engineering, and design support services to help ensure high-quality part design and project management from conception through to the finishing touches. Contact E-Fab today to learn more about our precision etch capabilities for aluminum and other metal materials.