Copper is a critical material in circuit manufacturing for its electric and thermal conductivity capabilities. For almost 40 years, E-Fab has proudly delivered a variety of precision thin metal and flex circuit parts for customers across many industries and applications.

At E-Fab, our industry-leading equipment, ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, innovative processes, and expert staff ensure that every component we fabricate is of the highest quality. Learn more about our copper photochemical etching services below.

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Types of Copper Used by E-Fab

We use a variety of copper types depending on the design requirements and application needs. Some of these include:

Pure Coppers

Copper 110 and 101 are both pure forms of copper; copper 110 being the purer of the two,

  • Copper 101 users benefit from the material’s oxygen-free high conductivity. This form of copper is ideal for applications where parts must operate under vacuum conditions. Copper 101 is high in thermal conductivity and can withstand elevated temperatures.
  • Copper 110 is easy to source in virtually any thickness. Projects that call for highly-conductive materials often involve this material.

Copper Alloys

A variety of copper alloy materials exist that are suitable for differing purposes. Some of these include:

  • Copper 194 is a first-generation alloy that is the material of choice for many sockets, connectors, and semiconductor components. This alloy is ideal for soldering and plating thanks to the addition of iron, zinc, and phosphorous.
  • Beryllium copper (BeCu) possesses excellent electrical properties, memory, and exceptional strength. These traits position beryllium copper as the ideal material for springs and other complex shapes.
  • Copper nickel (Cupro Nickel) features a high resistance to saltwater corrosion. The alloy’s high nickel concentration grants corrosion-resistant properties ideal for use in electromechanical, defense, and marine applications.
  • Nickel silver includes both copper and zinc. It provides an ideal solution for many radio frequency, electronics, and defense applications.

The Benefits of Working With Copper

Working with copper presents an array of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Easy to solder, braze, and weld
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to process
  • Highly conductive (electric and thermal)
  • High flexibility/malleability
  • Will stick to nearly any finish, including gold
  • Conforming coatings can provide anti-oxidation characteristics for PCB applications

Copper Industries and Applications

Copper sees widespread use in a variety of industries and applications. These include:

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Since our inception in 1981, the E-Fab staff has worked extensively with most copper materials. Our PCBs and custom-specific copper etch components serve clients in critical industries around the world. For more information about our copper etching services and copper photochemical etching, please contact E-Fab today.
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