Inconel 600 series

Inconel 600 is a non-magnetic superalloy consisting of nickel, chromium, iron, and trace amounts of other elements. The material demonstrates several advantageous characteristics making it suitable for use in manufacturing applications, such as high strength, workability, and corrosion resistance.

E-FAB—an ISO 9001:2015 certified precision manufacturer and fabricator—uses Inconel 600 to produce small and thin metal parts and products for a wide range of industries. From design assistance to photochemical machining to surface finishing and treatment, we provide metal manufacturing capabilities to meet our customers’ unique needs.

Types of Inconel

Inconel is available in different grades, each of which exhibits distinct properties that make it suitable for specific use cases. Some of the types available include:

  • Inconel 600 – Nickel 72–76%, Chromium 14–17%, Iron 6–10%
  • Inconel 601 – Nickel 58–63%, Chromium 21–25%, Iron balanced

At E-FAB, we commonly work with Inconel 600, which demonstrates the following characteristics:

  • High strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • Hot and cold workability

Benefits of Working With Inconel 600

When used in the manufacture of industrial parts and products, Inconel 600 provides several benefits, such as:

  • High tensile strength. If annealed, Inconel 600 offers a maximum tensile strength of 95,000 PSI with a yield limit at 45,0000 PSI. Even at elevated temperatures, these numbers remain high at 79,800 PSI (max.) and 26,100 PSI (yield).
  • Corrosion resistance (even at high temperatures). The addition of chromium increases the corrosion resistance of Inconel 600 in comparison to its base materials, making it well-suited for components used in wet or corrosive environments.
  • Suitability for use in extreme heat environments. The retention of its strength and corrosion resistance in high temperatures makes Inconel 600 an ideal material for products intended for use in extreme heat environments.
  • Thermal shock, acid, and chloride stress cracking resistance. These qualities, combined with the aforementioned ones, make the material suitable for use in high-stress and harsh operating conditions.

Industries and Applications of Inconel 600

Using precision manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, we photochemical etch Inconel 600 into a wide range of industrial parts and products, such as electron shielding, high-strength control valves, and mesh screens. These products, among others, find application in industries, such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Energy generation and distribution (including nuclear power)

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Since 1981, E-FAB has provided precision thin metal and flex circuit parts and prototypes to meet the needs of industries and applications worldwide. Equipped with over three decades of experience and an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, our team has the knowledge and tools necessary to meet a variety of unique metalworking needs.
Our capabilities include:

  • Design support and engineering
  • Deburring
  • Etching
  • Micromachining
  • Photochemical machining (PCM)
  • Finishing, including black oxide coating and tin plating

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