Mesh screens are ideal for use due to their durability, strength, and longevity. They can be found in simple filters to intricate applications in severe environments. Unlike wire mesh screens, which can unravel, E-Fab’s mesh screens are made from a solid piece of thin sheet metal. We use the photochemical machining (PCM) process to manufacture precision mesh screens that will not unravel.

2 Mil Thin Mesh Screen


E-Fab can also custom fabricate mesh screens into formed, multifaceted complex shapes. Using precision etched bend lines, unique shapes and integrated features are also available.



Our mesh screens have various opening sizes and degrees of transmission. The transmission factor is the percentage of hole opening to material remaining. When fabricated on a single metal sheet, we will add small etched tabs to hold the screens together during the etching process. In the case of larger screen surface areas, additional webbing can be designed into the screen to give extra strength and support. The edges of the screen can also be designed for various features like mounting holes, built-in tabs, and etched bend lines for attaching to other surfaces or structures.

Mesh Screen Design Guidelines

E-Fab produces fine mesh screens to the exact specifications required by our customers. We offer custom web thickness, spacing, and hole shapes including square, hexagonal, and round.

Design features to be considered when creating custom mesh screens include metal and alloy type, material thickness, hole size, type, spacing, surface area being etched, and overall width and length of finished screens.

Mesh Screen Sizing Chart (for standard screens)

Mesh Screen Sizing Chart (for standard screens)



Mesh Screen Type


Products and Applications

Our precision photochemical etching capabilities allow us to produce fine line screens and mesh to be used as:

  • Particle filters
  • Sieves
  • PCB ventilated shields
  • EMI and RFI shields
  • Food grade applications

These are commonly used for fine particle or solid particulate matter filtering and for EMI and RF shielding. E-Fab provides screens for industries including military, medical, aerospace, communications, electronics, semiconductor, and other high-tech industries. Although our standard mesh screens are made of 302 full had stainless steel, other metals, such as food grade stainless steel and titanium, are also available.

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E-Fab’s Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to the highest level of quality reaches from our customer service to the inspection of each part before shipping, and everywhere in between. E-Fab’s ability to take on difficult projects helps to grow our capabilities and offerings for our customers. We don’t stop until the parts and services provided meet your specifications and perform as expected.

With over 35 years of experience, our engineering team thinks creatively and is trusted by manufacturers across a diverse range of industries. Contact us today to request a quote for your project.