The photochemical machining process gives the freedom to etch a custom part with no added stress or cost. E-Fab manufactures high-quality standard and custom parts from a variety of metals and alloys for a wide range of industries.

We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR quality standards. Some common products E-Fab manufactures include stiffeners, busbars, flex circuits, micro bumps, encoders, antennas, shields, and mesh screens.

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E-Fab has also made add-a-trace (PCB Jumpers), apertures, brackets, carriers, connectors, contacts, filters, gaskets, Gimbals springs, heatsinks, interposers, leadframes, lids, masks, discs, microstrip antennas and contact, RF circuits, sensors, shields (EMI/RFI/RF), shims, spacers, springs, step lids, thermal planes, and washers.