For almost 40 years, E-Fab has been providing precision manufactured microwave products, including carriers. Electronic carriers are used in microwave hybrid circuits, which consist of several interconnected microwave devices that achieve the desired transmission of a microwave signal. They are used anytime ceramic substrates need to be die attached to microwave housing or heatsinks with minimal stress over a wide temperature range.

The mechanical and thermal properties of material components play a key role in the design and assembly of microwave hybrid and power circuits. We use a unique combination of photochemical machining and finishing to create high-quality carriers that prevent thermal damage to heat-sensitive components. Because thermal management is a critical element of microwave power circuit design, we fabricate photo-etched carriers to meet exacting customer specifications. These high-performing carriers offer superior material stability and uniform thermal expansion characteristics to meet critical thermal parameters.


As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, E-Fab combines industry expertise and metal fabrication techniques to manufacture ultra‑precise carriers. From prototype to production, we can manufacture electronic carriers in the most intricate shapes, complex part geometries, and the smallest of sizes with extremely tight tolerances and high repeatability.

Our photochemical machining (PCM) process allows us to etch both extremely thin or thick materials without changing the physical properties of the metal substrate. Thus, we can repeatedly fabricate stress-free carriers without distortions, burrs, or sharp edges to increase their reliability and performance. We also offer plating and forming services to add further value to our carriers. For example, we can gold plate carriers to enhance conductivity and protection in high‑temperature applications for longer-lasting and reliable connection.

The following are some of the benefits E-Fab offers for designing and manufacturing photo-electronic carriers:

  • Design Flexibility—We can easily and economically fabricate carriers with simple or complex designs from numerous metals. Revisions to part designs can be performed quickly and inexpensively.
  • Low Cost Repeatability—Prototype and production quantities can be manufactured using the same tooling and process with unparalleled repeatability and precision.
  • Faster Turnaround—In-house tooling facilitates quick production of prototypes and production‑quality carriers.
  • Cost-effective—Tooling and set-up costs are minimal, and the part complexity does not impact the part cost.
  • Tight-tolerance capabilities— Repeatedly produces burr- and stress-free carriers that hold the tightest of tolerances regardless of dimensional thickness or part design.




E-Fab specializes in photochemical machining and etching microwave carriers in metals including Kovar and Brass. Both materials are ideal for photo-etching carriers because they offer low thermal conductivity, uniform thermal expansion, and precision flatness capabilities. Our microwave carriers are typically designed on substrate thicknesses from 0.015 inches to 0.040 inches.

We can prototype and produce custom photo-etched electronic carriers from the following materials:

Carriers are used in a wide range of applications and industries. For years E-Fab has made carriers to be used in the mission-critical applications such as flight control and navigation systems in the aerospace and defense industries. The following are some of the industries that employ our high-quality carriers:


E-Fab has almost 40 years of experience in manufacturing precision carriers that meet some of the strictest specifications and standards. Our manufacturing process maintains ISO 9001:2015 certification, which displays our commitment to high quality control standards. From consultation to design and fabrication to delivery, our highly skilled and experienced team will guide you throughout the project and deliver high-quality carriers to your exact requirements.

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