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  1. Precision Mil Spec PCM Manufacturing & Fabrication

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    E-FAB PCM and Photo Etching
    Precision Mil Spec PCM and Photo Chemical Etching

    E-FAB Precision Thin Metal Parts Manufacturing

    Sure we can do the simple etching and photo chemical machining fabrication, but our real strength lies in manufacturing close tolerance parts for a plethora of industries (including Defense and Commercial sectors). We manufacture everything from fabricating the precision miniature thin metal parts, to the macro size multifaceted – large format; with extended lengths from 36 inches, 48 inches, or more. E-FAB is continuously developing manufacturing and proprietary processes that enable precision etching of large format substrates 60″ long or longer. Currently we are etching 72″ long antenna geometry patterns for NASA. We have developed proprietary processes which enables us to hold the close tolerances during fabrication and manufacture of thin metal parts along with other precision specialty flexible circuits than what can be achieved above and beyond what other manufacturers or manufacturing processes can do.

    Also check out the 44″ special application precision encoder strips.

    Another area which is very interesting, is our unique micro bump micro contact technology; which has many unique applications for the OEM producers.  For example, E-FAB’s micro bump technology can be applied to various engineered devices from precision micro switches and contact points, to capacitance sensitive circuits.

    Be sure to check us out today to see how our E-FAB PCM process technology integration can benefit you and your requirements for precision manufactured products. Talk to our engineers about your special applications and will be glad to assist in all aspects of your product’s development. Take a look at E-FAB today. We think you will be amazed at what we can do for you.

    Checkout E-FAB precision PCM thin metal parts manufacturing and fabrication today.